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Picked Up My PT92SS Today

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Overall it looks pretty darn good. There's only one spot I'd consider a blemish on the exterior, three small scratches on the left side of the slide just forward of the Taurus logo. There are a couple of rough spots inside but it doesn't appear they'll affect the operation of the pistol. It came with 2 17 round magazines and these both seem to have the same issue. Once I get 8 or so rounds in there's a rattle, almost like one of the bullets is loose in the stack. I seem to remember reading something about that on one of the boards, I'll have to take a look. I forgot exactly how tight a pistol can be, it took a real effort to push the slide release down the first couple of times. Range report and pics as soon as I get the chance to put some rounds through it.
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Others have reported the rattle, with different mags, and guns. Some people say it is normal, others do not. One suggestion is to tap the mag on your hand or leg to seat the rounds. It may or may not work.
i would'nt worry about the rattle a lot of guns do it not just pt92's my beretta 92 mags do the same thing.
Congratulations and let us know how it shoots for you! ;D

Have not noticed a rattle in my magazines, but I have the older 15 rounders. I did modify some with CPMI magazine extensions to hold 17 rounds, but they don't rattle either.

My PT92, purchased new in 1992, has about 22,000 rounds thru it, and is still going strong. I expect it to outlive me. Given proper care, yours should do as well!
jwc007 said:
Congratulations and let us know how it shoots for you! ;D
+1 :D
I loaded some Remington JHP's in both of mine today. One rattles, the other doesn't. I have been using WWB fmj,and Wolf Military Classic FMJ's for target practice with no rattle. I also got some winchester JHP's for my 24/7. Neither rattle. I thought it was odd to, but it seems to feed ok, so I'm not worried about it.
Looking at the magazines yesterday I noticed something else. When the magazine is loaded the spring in the 15 round magazine I bought seperately resembles a slinky when I look at it through the cut out in the bottom of the magazine. The coils are compressed evenly and neatly under the follower. The springs on the 17 rounders do not. The compression is not uniform and some appear to overlap as opposed to being one on top of the other. I hope to get to the range today where I'll see how they feed.
mine overlap as well on my 17's..
not ot worry they function fine.
Congrats on th 92. Where are your pictures?
Both my 17rnd. mags rattle. I never realized it till I gave them a shake after reading this post. Both have been flawless for me. I think it is the follower moving slightly side to side. This would make sense because mine won't rattle when full. I'm guessing when full the compression is enough to prevent follower movement. Just my .02!! Enjoy your new pistol!!!
ditto here. All my PT92/917 mags rattle. They go bang each and every time, so not to worry.
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