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Phoenix Arms HP 22

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nakedbaboon posted one of these on a different thread. I just read a couple reviews/evaluations on them and they seem to be a decent little gun. Anyone else had one or have experience with them? http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=98185001
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i've heard mixed things..

it's considered a SNS (saturday night special) AKA cheap depsoable gun..

i like the design and wanted to get one.. can't seem to find one locally though and i refuse to pay 145 bucks for it.

bout most i'd pay it 75 nib.. from my understanding they are pretty good guns but the metal is soft and have heard of many many cracked frames, the nickeling has been reported to only last a few hundred rounds before bubbling and piling off.
my understanding is if you dont have a cracked frame or a wrecked finish after 1k shots then you have a good sample.

they do have a lifetime warranty for 1st owners, but i heard they can be a pita to deal with getting repair/replacements.

never shot one so i can't comment on it 1st hand.
I got one for my ex (yes, I would call it a good trade). She only had it out one time but it ran fine. The thing has 2 safety type levers (I couldn't tell you what they each do without getting the manual). The owner can shift between the 3" & 5" barrels. If you only have one, you can order the other. I think I paid $130 new in Dec. of 06 for it (3" tube, no spare mag). I'd say that they're worth that as a cheap plinker pistol that will work for someone with small hands.

I had one.
It was an inexpensive little handgun.
Able to switch barrels easily.
Mechanically reliable, except for the magazines.

Way too many safeties. (So many that it would be confusing in a life/death situation.)
Magazine must be installed in order to rack the slide.
The magazines I had ALWAYS gave me problems.
i.e. followers tilting or binding and not bringing the next round up.

I sold it.
If I had to do it over again I would not have purchased it.
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I have 5 of them. I think they are fun little plinkers. I mean, dont expect them to function flawlessly 100% of the time. I had a really difficult time with the blued models for about the first 100 rounds or so, then after that it smoothed out. i think it just needed to be broken in. I didnt ever seem to have that problem with the nickle ones. I did own one that the frame cracked on me, but we sent it back and they sent me a brand new setup with a couple extra mags to boot. Do I like them? absolutely. I have 2 more on order. ;D but then again, I;m kind of a gun nut...

PS- it outshoots my walther P22 by a LONG shot!
I have one and have put a fair amount of ammo down range with it. Got it because it was cheap and I was curious. It's a zinc gun, of course, which means cheap. LOL I got it when they came out and they had a design flaw in the slide which they corrected. Mine cracked the slide, I sent it in, and they sent me a new redesigned slide that had run ever since. The recoil spring reminds me of the spring in a ball point pen and it doesn't hold up, have to replace it about every 500 rounds cause it goes limp. Couple of bucks a pop. I have one spare left. LOL

The up side is the thing is amazingly accurate. I'm not sure why, but it is. Also, the sear is very easy to file and improve the trigger, which is a good thing cause the trigger out of the box kinda sux. But, with the 3" barrel and stingers, mine will put all rounds into a 3" group at 25 yards off a rest. That just amazes me and I use the thing not as a plinker much, but as a pocketable, useful outdoor gun. I've shot quite a few water snakes with it thinning out a pond, up to 25 yard kills with it in a gun that fits in a pocket. There's always room in my collection for a gun like that, junky or not. :D I got a 5" barrel for it and with Federal lightening, which the 3" barrel doesn't like very much, it'll group 2" off the bench at 25. I also much like the hammer feature, not another striker fired POS, why I got interested in the gun enough to order one in the first place. The firing pin block safety got loose, I just super glued it up to disable it, no problem now.

Now, I heard that Phoenix closed its doors. Not sure if that's true or just internet rumor. Be ashame if so, even though these guys produce cheap zinc guns. They are useful zinc guns, at least, something I can't say about such as bryco/jennings et al. I get my recoil springs from gun parts inc/numrich arms, so not a problem there. And, heck, I can live without the gun, don't shoot it much, have better .22s for plinking. It just sort of fits a niche, very accurate pocket .22 that I can actually take small game with in the field. I don't have anything else this small that's this accurate and I've owned much larger guns that couldn't out shoot it. Pretty amazing.
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BTW, on customer service, they were very fast and cordial with me, nothing, but kudos from me for customer service! :D And, yeah, when they sent me the new slide, they included a new magazine for my inconvenience. I've got two mags and a finger extension mag that came with the 5" barrel.

Also, I'd NEVER carry a cheap .22 auto for self defense. That is not what I use this gun for.
Thanks for all the feedback. I shot my dad's Buckmark for the first time last Saturday and decided I will probably get that instead of the PA .22. It will be mainly for me but my wife can easily shoot it too.
Yeah, if you don't already have a quality .22 like a Buckmark (or my new to me Ruger Mk 2 ;D), get that before spending money on an HP22. The HP22 is sort of a niche gun way I see it. It won't hold up to tens of thousands of rounds. Mine has probaby 4 or 5K through it, still going, but it's not a "quality" gun, can't expect that for the price and made of zinc alloy. I rarely shoot the thing anymore. I prefer my Rossi revolver and my new Ruger Mk 2 for plinking and I have a few other .22s. The HP22 just fits in the pocket sized outdoor gun for me, something I can drop in a pocket before a hike or working on my property or for snakes on the tank given an opportunity. My Mk 2, even my Rossi, won't fit in a pocket, though they are more accurate.
im just curious but how much did you guys pay for your hp22's?
it seems most agree they do not hold up to a lot of firing but that they are worth tye money.

i can't seem to find one locally and the prices i've seen online are 140-160.
i paid 170 for my S&W 22a and i believe it will hold up to a lot of firing.. 500 rounds so far and other then some finish wear from slide contact it still look new.. ruger mark's i see locally for 200..

so just wondering if they dont hold up exactly how much are you getting them that makes them a good buy?

i do like the design but it's reliability is what is off putting.. i'd gladly pay 150 if the gun was well built.. if someone would take the effort to make the gun in better materials i'd already have one.
I got my years ago for 70 bucks. I would think twice about 150. That's a little much. But, it DOES have a lifetime warranty. No more than I shoot the thing, it has lasted me. But, if I put the round count through that thing I do my Rossi revolver, I'd gone through two or three by now. LOL! I have the Ruger Mk 2 now, no worries about wearing THAT out.
I would scrape alittle extra money together and get a beretta 21.They go for around $200.
I had a tip up Beretta .22 short Minx. I couldn't get that thing to feed, eject OR fire consistently. POS, got rid of it. It wasn't even close to accurate, either. I got it used. Not sure its history, but I'll pass on any others. For deep ultra concealment, I have a NAA mini revolver that never jams, always goes bang. But, I really don't wanna rely on a rimfire for self defense. I don't yet have a P3AT or Ruger LCP sized .380. That could be in my future, don't know. I think I have all the .22s I really need, not that need has anything to do with it. ROFL!

I've had this desire for a while for an NAA mini master. They'd fit in the Phoenix niche for uses and are very high quality guns that ain't all THAT expensive. The Black Widow has a shorter barrel and non-adjustable sight, but they're supposed to be pretty accurate, too, well, for a gun that size.
I pay 120 for mine brand new from a local dealer of mine. I have come across them used for about a hundred bucks. but I'll spend the extra 20 bucks to make sure I know the history of it, and to be the original owner. I wish I could come accross some more of those finger rest mags for a decent price.
It was the HP22 that had the cracking issue. They fixed it in the HP22A
I paid about $105 for mine brand new locally about 3-4 years ago. I fired about 5-6 thousand rounds down it. Firing pin block did get loose but other than that had no other issues with it.
I have one. It's a cheapie but it's surprisingly accurate. Think I paid $119 about 4 years ago. The sights are good and easy to see. I carry it in my back pocket when I'm weedeating. Handy little snake charmer. I had a Berretta 21. Tiny little sghts. Couldn't hit a 5 gal bucket at 10 ft. Also, have one in a 22 short only. Kinda pimpish with a gold trigger, hammer and safety lever. Can't hit a bull in the butt with it. They must have made 'em for very upclose and personal use.
My HP22 has been one of my most reliable guns. It's fun to shoot and works well. It's to the point now where I need to replace a spring, though, as I've kind of bowed the spring while changing out the barrels (I have the 3"+5" version).

In my opinion, the Phoenix Arms HP22 is one of those "junk guns" that isn't a junk gun. And it's kind of cool to get a cheap "James Bond clone gun." I've wanted a Walther PPK for awhnile, but never could justify the price. The HP22 is by no means in the same class, but still worth owning.
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