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phoenix arms hp-22 with range kit

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any one on here ever shoot or know any thing about this gun.
thanks for any help.
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I've always read positive things about them, but just remember, they are "cheap" guns. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't expect high dollar performance and service, and you'll be alright.
I've got one. It has been a good little gun. There are a few annoying features though (relating to CA compliance I believe). You can't remove the magazine without the safety on. You can't pull back the slide without the magazine inserted. It can be aggravating at times. That is my only real complaint. It has only had a couple of FTE's. It didn't like some hollow point ammo that I picked up. I've probably put 1000 rounds or more through it. It is accurate and reliable though.
Thanks for the replys, i never herd of them before, seen a add on the net,@ a gun shop near me, mite go check them out.
Iam still waiting for my bersa thunder 380 to come in, it`s been over a month,?
Iam still waiting for my bersa thunder 380 to come in, it`s been over a month,?
Be patient waiting for your Bersa. I've been waiting almost 3 months for one I ordered, but I found a good one on Gunbroker.com and have been shooting and enjoying it for a few weeks.
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Yeah, I have one. It's a zinc gun and has had plenty of problems in about 2K of ammo over a 20 year period. It' certainly not a range gun. I've already got 4K through my less than a year old Ruger SR22 and would have a lot more, but for the ammo crunch with .22 ammo. I've got untold number of rounds through my Rossi M511 Sportsman stainless revolver (kit gun) and the danged thing is 1" at 25 yards accurate off the bench with Federal Automatch and amazingly shoots Remington shorts into 1.5" which is a good thing since that's all I've been able to find besides .22 magnum in rimfire lately. My Ruger mk 2 is a tack driver, has an LER 2x optic on it for squirrel hunting and can put 10 rounds into an inch at 50 yards.

The PA HP22 shoots well for what it is. It's reliable until it breaks, meaning it feeds and ejects near 100 percent. It's 3" accurate at 25 yards with the short barrel and I can squeeze another inch of accuracy out of it with the 5" barrel. Its shining quality is it's pocketable with good accuracy, but my 2"/25 yards accurate Ruger SR22 is better and is still pocketable and a lot lighter than that brick of zinc. :rolleyes:

All in all, I wouldn't buy one now. I've had battering problems from the slide, had to figure that one out and grind the thing back to shape with a dremel to get it running. The slide cracked shortly after purchase, got a new one from PA. Their customer service is GREAT, can say that. But, I'd rather have my other .22s for ANY application now that my Ruger SR22 has replaced the PA as my fishing companion in my pocket. ;) If you get it and wanna shoot it a lot, you're going to be shipping it back to PA often for repairs or replacement. I haven't got 2500 rounds on it, yet, but I hear somewhere around there the frame WILL crack. I don't reckon that to be the case with a Ruger SR22. Another thing, the recoil spring looks like it came out of a ball point pen, lasts about 500 rounds before it goes limp and you start getting misfires because it won't return to battery, not a great feature in a pistol. Good thing is, PA will ship you springs for free.

JMHO, though. I looked at the bersa and was tempted, then the Ruger was introduced and I HAD to have one. I'm a bit of a Ruger fanboy as I own 8 of 'em, one .22 rifle and the rest handguns. I've owned several others over the years that I've traded off. One got stolen. :mad: THAT still burns me, was a stainless Ruger Old Army revolver.
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Oh, here ya go. This is a danged nice shootin' handgun for a little over 300 bucks. I'd spend the extra money, advice from one who has owned an HP22 for near 20 years now.

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I have one around here with both the short and long barrel. As for the slide thing there is an easy fix for it that doesn't effect the safety operation. Mine shoots ok but not very dependable with some ammo brands. I don't think I've fired it in 3 years now but do clean it every 6 months or so.
I have had one for about 15 years and have never heard of the problems NT claims with his. I've got probably 2000 rounds through mine with no breakage of any kind. Like most .22's it is ammo specific and will not eat everything you try to feed it. Mine prefers CCI Blazers and eats them without a burp.

The gun can be limp wristed. I use it occasionally in my pistol classes and it is a good low recoil low noise pistol to teach students. When one of them does limp wrist the gun it is very easy to explain and show them what they are doing incorrectly.

I can't speak for their customer service because I have never had to use it. I have heard from others however, that service is very good.

Find the ammunition it likes the best, keep it lubed, and you should enjoy it....

Oh, here ya go. This is a danged nice shootin' handgun for a little over 300 bucks. I'd spend the extra money, advice from one who has owned an HP22 for near 20 years now.

I sure wish that the Ruger SR22 pictured above had a Taurus logo on it. I want a full-sized 22LR Taurus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again for all the replys, i would like to find a 22, for the indoor range, that a guy is trying to open up, ownly about 10 miles from
Oh, BTW, when (not if) your recoil spring goes limp, get replacements from Phoenix Arms. I have bought them from e-gunparts.com and they require trimming a coil to work. Besides, even though they're only about 3 bucks a pop, PA will ship 'em free of charge. They sent me 3 of 'em, good for 1500 rounds. I don't know that I'll ever fire the thing again, though. I have better .22s for all reasons now.
I have had one for about 15 years and have never heard of the problems NT claims with his.

Really? All the problems I've had are well documented all over the net. Seems YOU'RE the exception to the rule, not me, from what I've gathered on the little gun on the net. Now, I ain't sayin' the net is always right, but I've had these problems and many others have, too. I could go to THR and dig up some posts for ya, but it's just a conversation and if yours is doing fine, I'm glad. :D They are quite accurate for what they are and quite reliable, too, with the right ammo. Not supposed to shoot the hyper-velocity stuff like stingers in 'em and with the frame battering mine's had, i can see why.

One, the frame crack seems inevitable from what I've read, though mine's not got enough rounds through it to find out, yet.

Two, my slide crack was addressed early on in production with a redesign, more meat in the slide where they were cracking. Don't think that'll ever be an issue again.

Three, EVERYONE on the net complains about the cheesy recoil spring giving out and mine's no different there.

The good part of the Phoenix Arms story is that when it does bite the dust around 2500-3000 rounds, PA will replace it...I guess forever, it has a lifetime warranty and they do have great customer service.

I don't really need mine anymore, but one attribute it DOES have, it'll fit a back jeans pocket in a flap holster that looks like a wallet that I made years ago for a .25 auto. My Ruger SR22 is larger physically and requires either a front pocket or cargo pocket. I normally carry it in the front pocket of my Wrangler cargo jeans.

If Texas had buyback programs, I might make me some money on the thing, only gave 70 bucks for the gun and 45 for the "range kit". It's a lot of gun for 70 bucks, gotta admit. :D I keep it around, might come in handy sometime for a fishing gun, yet. And, I made a memory on a fishing trip once, killing a good dozen snakes off an infested little lake. That was way cool, even got attacked in my little 10 ft john boat by one I hit amidships off a log. He came after me (non-poisonous snake, but very agressive) and it took me about 8 shots to hit his head. He made it to within 20 feet of the boat and I was about ready to one on one with the boat paddle. :eek:

Oh, should add, the frame battering thing I've not read about on the net. I might be an exception there, I don't know, but it happened to me. I blame zinc construction, the very thing that makes this gun cheap, for that, and perhaps one too many rounds with a limp recoil spring.
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To me Phoenix Arms is like the Harbor Freight of gun companies. They've got some interesting ideas, but the metallurgy isn't all that it could be. When you buy a gun it's best not to get in too big of a hurry to make the initial purchase - better to wait for exactly what you want. Buy the right firearm and it will last you a long time and put many, many rounds down range. I have to second those who say wait for the Bersa. A year from now you'll never remember the wait, but you'll still have the firearm. Which one do you want to have then?
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NT, I'm sorry my friend if I touched a nerve by disagreeing with you about these little .22's. You probably know more about them than I do anyway.... Did you do your home grinding with your Dremel before you sent it in for a replacement?

No company makes a perfect gun everytime.... You have more patience than I do to keep and continue shooting a firearm for 20 years while it just kept on giving you problems like yours did.

Mine has been a pretty good little gun and the novelty of having a whole little kit complete with two different barrels is kinda nice also. I wasn't aware that my gun was nearing the 2500 round self destruct point but I will keep a better watch on it now that I do..

Thank You Sir, for the heads up!

No nerve touched, I just found it odd that you have seen nothing about the problems of the HP22 on the net. It's all over the place.

I haven't shot it much, so sorta forget about it for long periods. When it had that frame battering problem, I didn't figure it out for a long time. Then one day, for some reason, it came to me what it might be...and it was. :D I'd just stuffed it in the back of a closet and forgot about it for 6 or 8 years, then got it going again. It was cheap, I have no regrets of buying it, just wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for a gun he can shoot and not mess with, that's all. IOW, I'd rather have a Bersa, or a Ruger, or other quality firearm given the choice. If I were the OP, I'd stop being so antsy and just wait on the Bersa, a very nice gun with a great reputation, if that's the gun he wants. The Ruger is another possible. I wouldn't get a Walther, either, because of the Zinc slide, but many like 'em. The HP22 has given me a bias against zinc alloy. :D
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Oh, yeah, the crack is a crack when it happens. It isn't something dangerous and you can probably run it WITH the crack for a while, but PA will replace it for you. Only problem with that is shipping to them, UPS charges a big fee for firearms. I've had people tell me PA suggested shipping it via UPS or USPS labeling it "machine parts". Don't know about that one, LOL!
Well i had one for about 2 days before i sold mine, i couldnt get through 6 rounds in a mag without a jam of some kind... the supposed ten round mags i can only cram about 6 into for some reason... save your money spend the extra on an sr22... and i had the range kit infact, i thought the combo 5 inch and 3 inch barrels made it neat with the hard case and cleaning kit... better to get a good gun in a cardboard box i say.
I have the old 11 round mags, pre-clinton ban. That's how long I've owned it. The mags are great for storing spare ammo for my Rossi M511 Revolver when I'm out and about on my property. :D I have a flap holster with a spare mag pouch I carry the Rossi in and I carry the two HP22 mags in the pouch.
I have a hp-22 Its cheap, it works.

If you don't shoot much and need a little plinker for the range it will work good for awhile, its not the most accurate and it won't last forever

But IMO spend 100 bucks more and get a better pistol that will probably last you a lifetime
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