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Peter Pi Joins Super Vel

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I ran into Peter Pi at the Shot Show. He told me that he had sold his interests in Cor-Bon, and had joined Super Vel Ammunition. Looks like a harbinger of things to come at Super Vel.
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My interest is Super Vel ammunition just skyrocketed. I was sad to hear that Cor-Bon was bought out recently, so it's good to hear that Peter Pi has moved on to another ammo company, especially one of such a legendary namesake which many have been skeptical of since it reemerged in recent years.

This is good news for both Peter Pi and Super Vel.
I have also heard that Peters son is starting a new ammo business.
Who purchased Corbon?
I don't believe that the details of who purchased Cor-Bon have been made publicly available yet. The news was leaked early this year by Peter Pi Senior himself.

Rumor has it that Remington bought Cor-Bon, which makes sense seeing as they also recently bought out Barnes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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