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Hi: I have a barrel mounted peep sight on my Henry .22 Lever Action, Octagon barrel rifle...It is mounted on the standard dovetail...I am having difficulty seeing a clear front sight picture...So, here's my question; would I be better off moving the peep sight toward my eye? I could mount it as close as I want using a ramp mounted peep sight made by Skinner Sights...Or, would I be better off to try making the front sight brighter by painting it with a bright, fluorescent type paint...Hope the question is clear...Thanks a lot...


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Peep sights work best for me, closer to the eye. Easiest thing to do, would be to try the paint first. If that doesn't help you, then you could move the sight.

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I have aperture sights on four rifles. Three are receiver mounted close to the eye and work great for my eyes and I can shoot really well using them.

The other is mounted on my SKS in the position of the original rear sight, which is about as far forward as a traditional barrel mounted sight. It is not good at all for my eyes. In my opinion, any aperture sight that is far from the eye tends to defeat the whole idea behind aperture sights.

A good aperture sight near the eye can help the eye focus on the target where standard open sight won't do that. I'm nearly 47 with progressive tri-focals and I can shoot as well as I ever could with aperture sights near my eye.

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So, here's my question; would I be better off moving the peep sight toward my eye?

Consider a Reciever mounted Lyman Peep/Aperture Sight. Lyman 66 Receiver "Peep" Sights FREE S&H 3662260, 3662249, 3662214, 3662215, 3662218, 3662265. Lyman Tritium & Fiber Optic Night Sights.

I would call Lyman to find out which one would be best for your Rifle. If your Rifle has a grooved top for Scope Mounting there may be a Lyman Sight that will attach to it. If not, You may have to have the Receiver drilled and tapped for it, but it will be well worth it. Also, contact a good local Gunsmith to do the work if need be.

Also, the Tech Sights for the Marlin M60 may work in the grooved top of the Henry's but call Tech Sights about it before buying:
Tech-SIGHTS Precision Shooting Accessories
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