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Panama City Newbie

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Hey everyone. My name is Keith, I'm from Panama City, FL. I'm new to handguns and just bought a Millenium Pro P111 9mm. I'm taking the class to get my permit in the next couple of weeks. Look forward to learning from everyone and I'm sure I'll catch a handgun bug and want more guns soon. Keith
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Qwiks draw said:
Welcome to the forum and PT111 Mil/pro heaven. We have just recently have had a few threads just on the PT111 topic in the Semi-auto board. Do a archive search for other older threads. This would bring you up to date on what has already been discussed and may have useful info for you. Own one myself. Have had very good service from it so far. It gets very little in the way of a +P diet however. No advantage to +P in a short barreled gun of this type. The net gain in foot pounds of energy just isn't that great. Standard pressure 115gr. and 124gr. JHPs do a fine job for defense. Why batter the frame and inner parts of any small pistol with +P if not really needed?
yeah, i bought some 115gr jhps to use in it. i read somewhere that they work well.
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