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I stopped by on my to attend my SIL memorial service in Georgia on Friday.
So here is what they have that is not listed on the website.

They have primers, CCI and Winchester, any kind you want, price is ~$4.00/100. Small and large pistol, magnum, and small and large rifle.
CCI 500 are $3.99/100.
They also have powder, average price is about $20/lb. to $24/lb
Hodgdon and one other brand, forgot what it is. Tall skinny bottles, Alliant or Unique.
Hornady bullets on a spin rack, kind of low supply right now.
Bulk stuff (2500-3000/boxes) may be behind the counter or in the back, didn't think to ask.

Call or use their contact form if you want something not listed and they will let you know if they have it.

I bought the last 2 boxes of Hornady 9mm 124gr XTP JHP for $14.99 each.
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