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Just got my first Taurus, a PT111. This will replace my G19 as a carry gun.
I have a question concerning Taurus reccommendation on lubes. The book says to "lightly" oil everything (much like I do my 1911 Kimber). My Glock likes to be dry, just a drop of oil in a few certian places.

First, how much, if any, of the original packing lube should I remove? (seems like a lot is in there)

Second, what routine seems to work best for you guys on your Taurus pistols? Wet, dry, or something in between?

I'm guessing a light oiling of the barrel and a couple of drops on the slide rails.????

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Just as well remove the packing lube, particularly from the barrel. If you shoot much at all, it will soon be gone anyway. That stuffs ok for storage. I lightly oil mine with a Q-tip or pipe cleaner in the places you mention and anywhere else parts rub together. Check it weekly to be sure there is always some oil present. :thumb: :zzz:

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I tend to strip and clean my guns when i get them :)
That way I can apply the lubes that I want and then I know what is on and in them :D

Oh BTW...I hope The Prof...does not see this ,you might end up cross-eyed from reading all the homework..

lol..... :D
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