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Had some on my wifes S/W 65...she liked them, i wasn't sure...
when i would shoot it,it just did not quite fit me right... :rolleyes:
they were pretty old..so one day i was cleaning it and the top of part of the grip came off..Yiikkkeees :eek:

Went down to the gun store and bought some Houghs...
wow..i liked them.. they added a 1" i think to the length of the grip... but did not make it to thick...+1 :)
now i can shoot it and it fits like a glove... ;)

think it really depends on what feels good in your hand..

PS..i have Ribber Grips on my Tracker and i like them, but now i am also getting a set of Houghs to try out... :D

BTW..those grips were the older style, don't now much about the newer Pachmayr Grips...
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