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Pennsylvania has signed an agreement with Mississippi. Mississippi will only issue non resident permits to military stationed in Mississippi. The Agreement is just like the ones for FL, ME, AZ and VA. Legal Residents only. Looks like PA will in the near future not honor any Non Resident Permits. PA and MS already honored each other and the agreement states PA will not honor a MS Non Resident but MS will continue to honor the PA Non Resident. This just makes it official and restricts non resident permits from MS in PA. You can read the agreement Here:

AR has a new law and they will honor all other states permit/licenses. The law takes effect in late July from what I can find out. As the date gets closer we will know more of the exact effective date. You can read about it Here:
NRA-ILA | Arkansas Important Action on Critical Right-to-Carry Reforms=

WV has sent bills to the Governor to amend the Emergency Powers act and to remove some restrictions on Home Rule Cities. Right now 4 cities in WV ban firearms in their city parks and all city property. This will remove many of these restrictions. The Governor SHOULD sign all these bills but I don’t understand politicians so anything is possible. You can read about that Here: NRA-ILA | West Virginia Significant Legislative Victories this Session for Second Amendment Supporters

There are other states that are changing their laws this year and it is difficult to keep up. A heads up with a bill # would be greatly appreciated. Do keep an eye on www.handgunlaw.us and if a date passes and I haven’t updated that info send me an email reminding me. Getting old and forgetful but forget what they call it.

A big Thank You to all of those who have given me a heads up in the past. I couldn’t do this without you. Also when it comes to who states honor etc I don’t like to post that info until it becomes law. So changes that effect who a state honors and who honors them will not show up until the law goes into effect.
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