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Owners: How well does the gold accents hold up on the special edition taurus?

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I'm thinking about getting a PT911 for my first hand gun(or the Beretta Px4 storm), and saw the special edition with the rosewood grips and gold accents was only $30 more than the SS. My question is how well does the "gold" accents hold up in the long run? I would rather get the SS if the gold is going to chip away after owning it for a while. Thanks for any input

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Re: Owners: How well does the gold accents hold up on the special edition taurus

It's just like anything else that's gold plated. If you take good care of it and don't use it alot, it will last a long time. But, if you use it frequently, and carry it, I would advice getting the stainless. If not just for the fact that gold on a carry gun would make me giggle.
The hammer is not plated like the other parts, and where it contacts the firing pin, is subject to a tiny bit of wear. The other parts seem to lasting just fine on mine. I got the pearl, a pair of standard black grips came with it for shooting. Looks good with either.

Gold is holding up fine on my PT1911 & my PT945
get the stoeger cougar instead of the px storm. Its still a beretta but 200bucks cheaper. Just a word of advice
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