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I'm looking for a good OWB holster for my PT-111 Millennium Pro. I can't get adjusted to IWB, it's just too uncomfortable. I generally wear long un-tucked shirts, so I think a high rise OWB will conceal just as well.

Most threads I've read here talk about IWB holsters.........

I've been carrying my Kel-Tec P-3AT in my pocket, but have decided to start carrying my MP for more power and more rounds.

A few people recommended the Don Hume 721 OT in another message thread, but the Don Hume web site doesn't mention having a model for any of the MP's.

I'm thinking about a High Noon "Topless" as a good long term solution, but with a 20 week wait time, I need something to use in the meantime that isn't really expensive.

I did notice that High Noon has something called the "Bare Skin" which is an in-stock item without a wait - but it's made from some undisclosed leather-like material....
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