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Hi, all. I bought an 856 3" a few months ago and have been trying to find an OWB concealment holster for it. I'd prefer kydex, but I've found that such holsters are difficult to find for the 3".

I recently obtained an ML Custom leather OWB holster for my Charter .44 Bulldog. As with most leather holsters, it was a tight fit when I first got it, so I broke it in in the usual way by wrapping the gun in a plastic sandwich bag, forcing it deeply into the holster and leaving it that way for several days. After doing so, the holster was nicely broken in and has become my go-to holster for the Charter. Here's a link to the holster:

On a whim, I visually compared the size of the Charter cylinder and that of the 856 and discovered they were very close in diameter. I tried the 856 in the Charter holster and discovered that it fit very well. The friction retention for both was about the same. The barrel of the 856 extends less than 1/2" beyond the bottom of the holster, but the draw is not delayed or hindered at all. I've ended up using the holster for both wheelguns.

I know folks have been looking for good holsters for the 856 Defender 3", so I thought I'd pass this along.






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