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I just wanted to share with all a recent experience I had.

I had ordered a bunch of ammo from Outdoor Marksman and it arrived on tuesday. While unpacking I discovered that they had shipped me the wrong load in 223. Since my computer had just crashed (Windows appears to have died, I'm on a loaner :eek:) I wasn't able to email them but did happen to have the phone number saved in my cell. I talked to James (I think) and explained it to him. He said that he didn't think they could get the correct ammo shipped that day (it was after 1pm) but that it should ship the next day, wednesday. He said that they would include a ship tag to return the ammo. I was very pleasantly surprised when on thursday (yes, yesterday) UPS arrived with my ammo. We opened the box out on the step and slapped the return tag onto the incorrect box of ammo and off it went. Now the only way that it could have gotten here that fast is if they had sent it Next Day. Now I'm not sure how much 500rds of 223 weighs but I suspect that they didn't make much on my order. FYI, I had the order shipped slow and cheap!

After this, if the total price is close I will go with Outdoor Marksman.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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