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Orange sticker on my front sight is coming off: What do I do?

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A few weeks ago, I bought a 4" model 627 that I love to shoot. I have two problems/questions about this gun.

1. While trying to clean the ports on the barrel, I got solvent on the front sight. To my surprise, the nice orange part of the sight that helps me shoot so well turned out to be a sticker that just slipped right off. I managed to get it to stick again, but it is a matter of time before it comes off again. Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem?

2. This is my first stainless ported revolver. What is the best way/tool for cleaning the ports and the barrel around the ports? I want to get the power burn residue off, but I don't want to scratch the finish. I used a brass brush with minimal success.

Thanks in advance for your helpful answers!
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I use "lead away" for my 608 stainless. http://secure.armorholdings.com/kleen-bore/product174.html

There are tons of similar products out there, just dont use it on a blued finish.
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