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Opinions on Taurus 405 Snubbie in 40 S&W?

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HI. I'd like to hear from folks who've either OWNED and/or SHOT the Taurus 405 two inch 5 shot revolver in 40 S&W. Excellent gun? Average gun? Poor gun? I've been thinking about a .40 call...started thinking about the Kahr 7 round model, then I thought, well if I'm going that direction, what about a snubbie?

Do the clips work OK? I've heard one reviewer say he was having problems with some brands of ammo staying firmly in the clip. Thanks for any info you can give.
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I had one and it was fun to shoot; the stellar clips worked fine; no issues. However, I recently traded it off. It was large for a 5-shot .40 and it just didn't really grab me. I have this same size gun in .44 Special, which I like much better. I would rather have a 10 shot semi auto for .40 which is more concealable and has more fire power. That was my experience, but I can't knock the gun.
I held one ..and checked one out ...it should have been a six shooter..thick heavy cylinder..its strong and heavy.... but the whole Idea of the 40 should have been a option between the 357 Mag 617 & shot and the 44 Special 5 shot.....and a 40 S&W 6 shot would have done it....more capacity and lesser weight with the extra hole....and they need shorter grips....for concealed carry .......
Charter has a 40 S&W on a "D" frame (20 oz) ..I owned one and sold it ..didn't like the snap tight built in clips ..but now I've learned VIA the local shooting range they loosen up and work much better after a 100 or more shots....seems like Charters 40 S&W leans more to carry....

But Taurus made the Judge PD UL ..a great idea ..one of the best carry SD options ever made.. so I shouldn't complain

Another Idea 40 S&W built on a 605 frame ..five shot ported ...polished stainless or K frame (65 or 66) six shot....
Yeah, I thought .44 special was what I wanted in a revo at first, but ammo cost and availability came into play (I don't reload.) The 29 oz. weight was appealing in that it would soak up recoil, but if it results in a gun that's too large to conceal well, then it defeats the purpose of a snubbie, I guess. I'd been looking at .40's, and I saw that Cheaper Than Dirt had some 405's for $315 (before shipping) and thought that was a good deal. My reason for looking at the 7 shot Kahr was concealability and affordability.
I wish they made it in 10mm.
I wish they made it in 10mm.
you might be able to have one rechambered to 10mm. or find a used (now discontinued) 415 41mag, basicly the same performance as a 10mm.
they kick like a mule even with the ribber grips on them. My sp101 in 357 is like shooting a 22 in comparison.

mine will probably be traded soon.

But Taurus made the Judge PD UL ..a great idea ..one of the best carry SD options ever made...
I quite agree. Been carrying mine some underneath a jacket this winter, but it won't see any carry duty once I shed the jacket this spring.
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I wish they made it in 10mm.

I'm thinking that the 405 could withstand the pressure ..10mm operates at 36,000 PSI 40 S&W at 34,000 PSI 357 mag at 36,000 PSI the M617 holds 7 rds of 357 mag... the 44 mag operates at 35,000 PSI it is .429 caliber the 10mm is .400 caliber

The 405 holds 5 ...thick chamber.... ..should handle pressure ..extra wear and tear on gun..and I'm not sure how much velocity you would gain with the 2inch barrel.. so I 'm not thinking much difference in actual power with the 10mm ..thats with a 2in tube...now if was a 4 inch barrel that would be a different story
I like my 405 -- no complaints so far. However, I haven't shot it for a few months, so I will have to shoot it and see if my thoughts have changed....
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