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opinions of S&W 642

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i been looking at S&W 642 and found 1 for 539.00 plus tax and was woundering if anyone thought this was a good deal.And also wounder if there are any problems with that model.i really like that it is has a laser already and that i can put it in my pocket....or any other suggestions on a pocket revolver that might be better?
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other things i like about this gun is its airlight,+p loads to....for anybody with a compareable gun info thks
That's a good price with the CT lasergrips on it already. I have a 340...similar but it's titanium/scandium instead of alloy. Haven't heard of any problems or concerns about the 642 or 442.

I am going to move this topic to Other Guns being it's not a Taurus revolver. No harm, no foul. :) ;)
The 642 is a very good revolver. I've owned several, and have never heard of anyone having any issues with them. The price of $539 is a very good price with the Crimson Trace laser grip installed. NIB 642's without the laser are running about $389 around here.
That is a good price with I assume, the Crimson Trace Lasergrips. I gave a 642 to a girlfriend, so yes I think very highly of them. She had a Ruger SP101 which she liked because it was "shiny" :-X, but it was too heavy. When I get around to getting a pocket gun, it will probably be a 642, they go for about $400 around here. They are a handful with +P but not painful like a .357 Scandium :evil:, well worth it for the light weight.
If thats NIB S&W CT Package.... Go for it... Its priced right...<:))
yes it got CT package thks, now how do you all feel about this gun being ur primary gun when ur wearing shorts or a tighter shirts, etc, were concealment isnt as easy. with my kel tek 380 as my B/U gun?
In the summer (110 degrees +) I carried my S&W 340PD along with a small knife as my defensive package. I think the 642 and a 380 would do just fine.
I have its blued counterpart - the 442. No complaints at all. It is tiny, accurate and dependable...what more can you ask?
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