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Opinion's of my S&W .38?

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What's yall's opinion on this gun and what do you think it's value is? I had some guy's tell me it's worth around $400-$500 since it's not made anymore. It's a S&W model 640 Centennial 2 .38cal produced in 11/'93 that I inherited from my stepdad and it's only had 100 round's put through it in it's lifetime.

It may be a nice C&C gun but I dont really like it as it's very uncomfortable for me to shoot because it's too small for my hand. I want to either sell it or trade it for a PT 24/7 .45cal, opinion's???

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I'd suggest keeping it as a pocket gun for carry. You can always change the grips to make it more comfortable.

For a good estimate on its value, take a wander through Gunbroker.com and GunsAmerican.com looking for your gun. Did this when I was foolishly debating on selling my 1911 and getting an AR (decided to keep my Kimber).

texasmr2 said:
Thanks for all the info everyone, I'll most likely hold onto it as it has sentimental value also. Looking at Pachmayer's site I come to find I do not know my gun's frame? Could someone help guide me? FYI I want a grip that has the finger groove's and one that extend's to fit all 3 1/2 of my finger's.
Looks like its a Round Butt J frame. I think that there was some Square Butt J frames made but not sure. I know that there were both Round and Square K, L and N frames.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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