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It could be your free hand technique. Your free hand is positioned near the mag base in order to catch it as you push the mag release button with your shooting hand thumb. However, if you catch the mag before it drops freely, the mag release catch will bind on the top of the mag and prevent it from falling free. Keep your free hand 2 to 3 inches below the mag well and it should drop free.

Also, keep your shooting hand pinky and shooting hand palm away from the ejecting mag.

Some shooters prefer to hit the mag release button with the thumb of the free hand thus holding the palm of the free hand very close to the mag base. This will cause the mag to eject only partially as it binds on the catch, but these shooters do this intentionally as the mag is in control at all times and just needs to be stripped down with the free hand with no risk of dropping it.

PS There is no way your Chimp grip is stronger than my Kung Fu grip!
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