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Should have been posted here, but I didn't think far enough ahead to do that.

Thank you for the warm welcome, it sounds like a great group of people here.

Now for the questions I have about the model 65, the one I'm getting soon seems like a good revolver but looking at it in the store I noticed that the cylinder does not lock solid, you can wiggle it back and forth (rotational). Is this the norm with the Taurus? By rocking it back and forth I can see the cylinder lock moving in the frame, a little more than what I'm used to see. I'm curious if any of you have seen the same with your revolvers?

The ones I had in the past, a Ruger 357, a Colt 38, and a Charter Arms 38 snubnose did not have any free play once the cylinder is locked in position ready to fire. With the Taurus 65 it will move about .75mm each direction. Just seems odd that it would move that much.

Curious to see what you think.....

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I have an older, around 1992 perhaps, not sure as it does not show up at the Taurus website. My Model 65 has a little play in the cylinder.

It has never been a problem.

I guess whether it is dangerous or not is determined by how much wiggle you have.

I am not sure if the older Taurus firearms had the lifetime warranty, you could check on that and if it does, you could get it fixed for free if necessary, and have a great shooter.

I love mine, it is my bedside drawer, glove box, tackle box, tool box, and OC gun when in the woods.

It is accurate, it shoots sedate .38 special rounds for a nice day of target practice and can easily step up to SD with some good .357 ammo.

What's not to like?

OH, before I forget, Welcome from northeastern Kentucky! :wave:
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