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I searched this site for the name of company & website address and found no hits, so I hope I'm not duplicating info. If I am...Ooppssss :eek:hmy:

Below is a company that makes a one-piece wood grip for the Public Defender and Raging Bull (?? so do these also work on a Raging Judge ??). But they don't seem to make any for the regular Judge frame.

Wooden Grips: Grips

I own a Judge Magnum but no PD or RB/RJ, but I've remember seeing a couple requests for these grips in this section. While not cheap they do look nice in the pics. And they even offer 6 month financing thru PayPal/Bill Me Later.

And let us know how they look/fit/function if you get this wood grip.

Hope this helps someone!
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