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Once fired brass

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I ordered 1000 45 Cal ACP from Athena Brass got what seems like a good count and for the most part I'd say the majority of them a are once fired on some a I've Decapped the primer pockets are almost clean. Very few worn headlamps they are few and far In between. I'm very happy with the purchase, some of the 40 Cal and 9mm I've bought in the past left a lot to be desired. This the first time I've done business with them and hopefully I can pick up brass at the range. Pickins at the range has been pretty slim so far this year.
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The price for scrap brass must be up as there were not even any .22rf brass laying around when I went to the outdoor range yesterday....:(
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In the past, when I needed cases I would buy from here.

So far I have been pretty lucky at finding nice brass on Armslist. Last I found that I bought was 3000 9mm that was already cleaned and polished. Paid $60.00 shipped. Haven't had to buy any 9mm since.
Gosh it really nice to be in a slightly urban area , where apparently we have a lot of up and coming youngsters that love their cell phones and cell phone cameras and yet are not really mechanically inclined so don't reload!
I get all the common caliber once fired brass that I can handle (380, 9 MM, 40 cal which I don't pick up) & 45 acp.
I use to have a 380 brass shortage and then the ladies and some men, got caught up in the latest, greatest micro mini sized weapons, that along with ladies shoot free at my range on Wednesdays took care of that problem in short fashion.
man its good to be old, retired and have enough time to enjoy shooting.
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One of our local ranges I just contacted about their policy on picking up brass told me they also sell the left over surplus brass, at $2.00 per pound of course, not cleaned and not sorted. Just found a deal on 45acp brass here in Wis., $100.00 per 3000 including shipping, already sorted and cleaned and same head stamp.
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I wish more people would leave revolver brass laying around. I have not been to the range in awhile, however last time there was plenty of semi auto pistol brass and .223/5.56 brass laying around just waiting to be picked up. Surprisingly I am not seeing much .40 S&W anymore. At one point I had over 20,000 cases that I ended up selling during the last ammo crunch several years ago. Think I was listing them at $35/1000 shipped and sold out pretty fast.
Just got back from the range with my CZ Shadow-2 and my CZ 97BD.
that place was packed the entire time I was there, weather is very blustery here with a 43-45 degree temp and at least a 20 MPH wind blowing and cloudy, guess a lot felt like a good day to get inside and shoot. anyway the CZ's ran beautifully as expected.
there were more ladies there than I can ever remember seeing on a free ladies Wednesday.
a lot, lot, lot of 380 brass and 9 MM brass laying that I didn't need.
course I scooped up my 45 and 9 MM brass that was nearby.
muddcatt54 wrote:
I ordered 1000 45 Cal ACP from Athena Brass...
Thank you for the seller. I was not familiar with them, but will definitely check them out.

I've bought from the following sellers at one time or another. All have shipped product that was exactly as described (or better) and I've never had a significant problem with any of them, although I will say that when the Post Office broke open a package (they didn't lose anything out of it, just delayed it), Everglades sent a replacement before settling with the Post Office and when the original arrived, they paid to have it shipped back so I put them at the top of the list.

Everglades Ammunition and Reloading
Once Fired Brass | Reloading Supplies | Diamond K Brass

Note that some of these companies include shipping in their prices and for others it is an add-on. A lot of sellers use USPS flat rate boxes so shipping will be incremental. You may be able to ship 200 223 cases for about $6, but if you want 300, then the next size box up runs about $13.

And now we have our newest addition, https://athenasupply.com/
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Here's where I buy my 9mm brass: http://www.precisiononcefiredbrass.com/

Well I missed out on that 3000pcs. someone beat me to it. Though I was able to contact a guy that is about an hour north of me that I bought from before and was able to pick up 2000 for 5 cents a pcs. shipped. Paid him thru paypal on Sat. afternoon and it was delivered today. Sorted to all large primers and already cleaned. really nice stuff.
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