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"old" taurus 66 - rear sight

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I am wanting to change my rear sight on my old model 66 but am not sure if i can? I have not seen anything out there. The eyes are not liking the black on black sights as much anymore, must be the age factor.
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Think nail polish.
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Works well. You can just buy sight paint too. It's grossly overpriced but works.

I went to the craft store and pick up a bottle of yellow "Testor's" model paint. They
make fluorescent colors too. It was less than $2 if I recall.

All the Best,
D. White
The paint/nail polish idea was exactly what I was thinking too! Might be best to remove the sight from the revolver and secure it to a suitable work station. Get some "Painter's Tape" to keep the other parts of the sight unblemished. I've been thinking of doing the same thing. My idea is put a fluorescent outline around the rear sight notch. I have a newer 66 (7-shot) and the front sight blade has an "orange-ish" insert that, to be honest, is kinda lame. Been thinking of brightening that up a bit too.
As an aside, just how much of a "goat rope" is it to be able to purchase, possess, carry and/or actually shoot a handgun in Canada?
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