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I reacently found a old style PT-22. It has the alloy body, thin wooden grips, nice looking little DA pistol. I cleaned it, took it to my range to test fire it. It is fairly reliable, ( it didn't have the problem with the mag being too high that some had talked about) but after it warmed up even the minimal recoil of the .22 lr caused the safety to engage. I checked my grip and adjusted to be sure I wasn't causing the problem. Has anyone else seen this problem? When I engage the safety manually and when I disengage it seems stiff enough. It has a normal detent on both functions. I guess I could send it back to Taurus, but it will be gone for 3 months or so, and unless they can duplicate the problem when tested they won't spend much time trying to fix it. Any ideas or suggestions?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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