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Old 445 parts

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Is there a source for old Taurus (1998) 445 parts other than Numrich?

I bought an all steel 445 that was missing the extractor parts and although Taurus keeps promising to send me the parts they don't really seem interested
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Google "Schluder Parts" Maybe you will find something there.
You might keep an eye out at EveryGunPart. They sell near complete parts kits from destroyed firearms disposed of by LE and Govt. agencies. Basically, the frame has been cut in multiple locations such that the remaining pieces can't be rewelded. Chunks of the frame will be missing, but all of the other parts are typically intact.

Their Taurus revolver parts kits range from the pre-1977 models to current production. There isn't a Model 445 kit in stock now, but you never know when one will pop up.
I appreciate the heads up on https://everygunpart.com/ .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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