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Ok LAUGH, but I got it for the wifey...

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Her new Valentines day present..

I did get wierd looks from two "good ole boys" at the Sherman Texas Gander Mtn when I bought it today..

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Much better than giving flowers, chocolates or jewelry in my humble opinion. :D
Very nice. Remember the color will not change the use of the gun !! It will last much longer than flowers or chocolates. :D
Don't feel bad, I took my wife & our neighbor to the Gander Mountain in Sherman to get them each one. Both girls [ladies] qualified for their chl class using their little pink pistols.

Here is the post from it:
If I thought the wife, would like it and carry it, I would buy it in a heart beat if she was with me. Of course, I would have a heck of a drive to find a Gander Mt.
I suggested the pink for my wife and she said, "I want Thug, not Fug"
:D :D :D :D :D :D

Does it fire "pink" bullets too? :D :D :D
my girlfriend wanted one of these pink pros bad! We couldn't find one in this area tho
Dude, that's hot. How cool would it be if she took out some homie with a pink pistola. He would never live it down and would probably beg for her to finish him off :shooter: :yipee:
Just think how awful the bad guy would feel, knowing he got shot with a PINK gun. :D
That's one beautiful gun... even if it is pink.
My daughter loves that
I wouldn't be the one to laugh at the cute little pink gun...... :D
Wouldn't laugh either if the determined person behind it has to use it. If it gets the gals into shooting and them taking responsibility for their own safety, as well as giving them a form of protection, then I am all for it.
Robby said:
If I thought the wife, would like it and carry it, I would buy it in a heart beat if she was with me. Of course, I would have a heck of a drive to find a Gander Mt.
There's a Gander Mtn in Bowling Green, KY. I was there last thursday and they had 4 or 5 of the pink Mils
Problem with getting a unusual gun is this. No matter what you say or do weird looks and thoughts are going to follow the guy purchasing the gun. Let them stew in their own thoughts. It isn't hurting anything or anyone.

Pantyhose have been used to strain oil and other liquids to get sediment out.

Troops overseas have used condoms of all things to cover a weapons muzzle.

So there is no end to the use of certain items that are considered female only.
HEY my wife wants one in .380 found one at Gander Mtn in Ky. maybe she will leave my black and stainless 145 alone she is trying to claim it as hers:)
atleast these gun companies are realizing that there is sales just waiting for the female consumer. we all know how women love to spend money, all they need to do is go shooting at the range once and they are hooked. showed the pic to my wife...needless to say, looks like we are going gun shopping tonight.
Don't feel too bad...I bought my girlfriend a Pink race helmet for valentines day.
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