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Official CCDW Paper Work

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Well, after talking about it. trying to schedule the required training. Getting the training. Waiting for the certificate from the state so I can apply for the CCDW, I finally got to make the application out at the Sheriff's Office today. I now have to wait anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks for the State Police to run a full check (according to what they say). I think they wait until my Check clears then send me the thing :rolleyes: :D
Then I get to start my real training, "you know what I mean" the course where you shoot up about 500 rds in a day and half, being trained in all the techniques that I might need to know. Wish I could afford GunSite, or one of the others for that 4 day or week long course.
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Good for you, Robby! When all the smoke clears, & you've
finished all the training, give us a full report of how everything
turned out! :D
Well after the course, I am going to take next!

I plan to move up to the NRA/State Instructor course. It is offered a couple times a year by one guy I know. If I can get thru that and get accepted to train. I plan to give the course on the farm for CCDW with outside shooting, on my range which I will expand to do it.
Be glad on the 3-6 weeks. Here in Oklahoma it is 3 Months!
Wow in Minnesota mine only took about 10 business days.
It took 2-1/2 months for my Nevada permit to show up. I was so used to going to the mailbox as soon as the postperson left it was a hard habit to break after my permit showed up. :D
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