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Did my first OC yesterday... finally got the b*lls to do it..lol
FINALLY got my Taurus PT101 AFS that I got thru AuctionARms. And of course I had to show it off..lol

Went to the store for a few things and everything went well until a kid (about 7 or 8) saw it and said "Daddy... look at that man"... well I kinda 1/2 turned around and saw the expression on the mans face. Then I heard him say " Its o.k. son... he's all right". WELL.... That made my day. Finished shopping and went right thru the checkout without as much as a glimpse from the other people there (that I could see anyway).

Kinda nice to have someone NOT notice that you are OC......
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I too in the past have OC'd. I was aware that some noticed. No one commented, "lucky me". I was even asked by a local LEO what gun it was. When told he said that is a nice one. (PT111). I did carry THE JUDGE one time, early last fall, now it got noticed. Again no comments! Of course that thing looks like you have a cannon on your hip.
if you wanna get your bling bling on the stainless 92,99,100,101 will sure do it.
they are a pretty gun, espcially in a fobus evol series holster.. which is pretty compact and open so you can get a good shot of the gun, problem is it has no security so not the best holster for OC'ing.. they are comfortable for 20 bucks you can't go wrong.

i like OC In theory, but since very few people do people have gotten the mentality that GUN=BAD, but admit i just have'nt gotten the balls to OC off my own property.. from others exp it seems the cops are the most likely to hassle you.. a lot of people walk around unware of anything, the ones who do spot it are usually either dont say anything, or probably think you're a off duty cop or something.

one of the big issues with OC'ing in ohio where i live is you can't carry in a car without a CHL permit.. so i think that really cuts into the practicality of OC'ing in my state.
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