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As FAQs are posted, this area is designed to provide for information to update the information we have.

Please note...

  • The purpose of this section is not to debate information in the FAQ
  • Moderators will review your posts
  • We invite you to provide additional information, however if it is factual in nature, it must be documented
  • If the information is a matter of observation or experience, please provide a background for interpreting your observation or the context of your experience.
  • Once your post has been read by the moderators, it will be discussed between us.
  • Since all information is included through a group decision process, please do not become impatient if you do not see your updated information posted quickly

Thank you for your concern in helping us build the best information base on Taurus guns and their use on the Internet!  This is your avenue of participation!
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Not open for further replies.