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Not a Very Good Start with my Rossi 972

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My Rossi 972 came in yesterday -- wow! Morning off and so down to the range. But -- could never get off more than 3 shots without the cylinder and trigger train locking up. couldn't cock it SA, couldn't work it DA. If I swung out the cylinder, rotated it and tried again, I could fire it maybe twice more with lockup. Good clean primer strikes though, and there was no cartridge "set-back" which will lock it up tight. but these were low power 38 spls.

REALLY %$#$%^&ng disappointed in my first Rossi experience. :(

Before anyone asks - - - - I DID clean the hell out of it. Took off the grips, and sprayed out all the factorey grease and machine grit. Had it on some white paper towels and there was a ton of crap coming out. I sprayed out the revover hand mechanism, blew down through the hammer-trigger assembly. then I blew it dry and relubed everything with CLP. It's clean. I cycled it SA and DA with snap-caps, to make sure I could get 6 turns in a row. No problem there without the ammo.

I'll be calling Rossi CS this afternoon, and we'll see how responsive they are. I'm obnly disappointed because I've never had a problem like this with any Taurus revolver ( I have 3 ) after the same cleaning procedure.

BTW - if anyone has any suggestions on some simple fix before I send it off, I would welcome them. I haven't heard anything really negative on this board aboout Rossi, which is why I bought this one. I'm hoping it will be easily -- and quickly -- corrected.

Also, since it's brand new I'm hoping they cover the costs of the o-nite shipping.
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