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No stainless PT1911 this year... :(

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Just called Taurus to inquire about the release date of the SS PT1911 and was told it will be another 2-3 months (before that it was "this fall") ARHH! :bang: :'( I can't take it any longer... :-\

I was really hoping to get a stainless PT1911 before the end of this year...
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When my gunshop called me this morning, they said they are in very, very limited supply and will go fast... I told her I'd take two, she said she would if she could, but she couldn't... they are in that short of supply in most areas right now. bummer lol

No whats funny is that when I was talking to her and told her YES I still wanted it, i forget to even ask her how much it was. Oh well, doesn't really matter, its MINE!
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