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Without having to type 5 page of info i was wondering if any of yall have seen or own these cheap little "night sights". You can buy them on ebay for around 11 bucks and on another website i was reading reviews and i have seen nothing but good reviews, one guy said there the best product he has bought for his Kel-Tec and glock and that they glow bright for 6-7 hours with only around 10 min of charge time, and another thing i found interesting was they said "fits great on Taurus PT-24/7 and 1911's" well just seeing i may just buy them and report to all yall. For 11 bucks that like a gallon of gas so its not like im breakin the bank if they are worthless

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Do you have a link so we can see first hand what you're referring to?

The only thing I'd caution about is if you use things for defence that need charging or batterys they are likely to go out when you most need them. Frank
Frank V said:
The only thing I'd caution about is if you use things for defence that need charging or batterys they are likely to go out when you most need them. Frank
On the other hand, mine uses no batteries, never needs charging and never glows.
I talked to a guy at the range one day that had them. He said you have to heat them up to make them stick. He then looked at my Mepro's and liked them better than his sights. Of course, he didn't spend much on his, however, he really liked the tritium sights a lot better. He did say that they glow brightly after a quick charge....but I don't want to grab my gun, then have to get a flashlight....point it at my sights for a few seconds, and then be ready for that bump in the night.

It seems like a bad idea to have to turn on a light to charge your sights in a defensive situation. I doubt most people have time for that in a real emergency.

If you wanted to go out hunting with your pistol, it wouldn't be an issue to do it. In the middle of the night, I don't want to have to do anything extra. I think the lack of time to respond is key.

They are supposed to glow for several hours. If you keep your pistol where it gets good light, and you have the light on right before bed, and you go to bed at 10pm.....then it would be good up till sometime between 2-4pm?

I'd spend $100 and go with tritium. Tritium is always on....for approx 10 years. Then you need to replace them.
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I stumbled across that site awhile back, but never ordered them. Looks like they'd be as good as glow in the dark paint (which is pretty much what they are) that is stuck to a backing. If you try them let us know how they work.
Well i ordered some off ebay and im sorry i didnt go in to detail but they use no battery just charge from light
(www.nitesiters.com) and i know tritium is better but at the moment im paying for college classes so i dont have the cash. but from what ive read one guy that has them said that if buts the pistol in the glove box after he has carried it holstered that they glow for 4 or 5 hours and he also wrote that if you leave your pistol under a lamp for around 15 min before bed they will glow all night, they have a est. life of 12-18 months for one pair ( i got 6 dots so 3 pair) for $12.32 but when they come in i will tell if they are the best thing ever or a gimmick.
There is nothing wrong with trying them out, especially if you are short on cash. If they last 12-18 months, I would expect them to not stay lit all night in about 6-9 months. However, being frank, the worst case scenario is that you are no worse off than you were without them.
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