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Night sights update...**PICS**

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I was thinking of getting the HEINIE STRAIGHT 8 'Night sights"(tritium inserts). $125.00 -
After doing some web searching I found this 'Glow paint'. http://glowinc.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=2 I Bought the ultra green v10 glow in the dark paint. during the day, my heinie straight eight sight is visible. You need to hit the sights with light from a flashlight. I used my hand held LED flashlight. It stays glowing for quite a while.

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What a great elegant (and as Hemingway would say) cheap but good solution for night sights.
For $12.48 + shipping. I thought , why not try it out. For home defense, my handheld LED flashlight, and these night sights - not a bad combo. Maybe a laser quick attach/dettach for the accessory rail- in the future.

They recommend 2-3 coats, letting each coat dry fully. The more coats, the more particles to glow.
If it was that dark in the house how would you see what you were shooting at ???
MPanova said:
If it was that dark in the house how would you see what you were shooting at  ???
For $12.48 + shipping. I thought , why not try it out. For home defense, my handheld LED flashlight, and these night sights - not a bad combo.

The sole purpose of 'night sights' is so you can SEE your sights and AIM your weapon in low light situations. Target identification would be the job of another tool/accessory - a flashlight, handheld or weapon mounted.
WOW!! I had read somewhere that glow paint for sights wasn't worth a crap! But seeing is believing I guess. The only problems I can think of are: 1) how long do they glow? and 2) having to hit them with a light before being able to use them. Might not always have that luxury. But hey, let us know how they workout as you use them!!
I will time them and report. I like the idea, that I can still see the white dots(hieine straight 8) during the day. Like I posted above, for the little bit of money , I thought why not try it?

For those who want info or answers to their night sight needs or info, go to the Home Page. Then enter night sights in the search box in the upper right corner of the page and all the threads pertaining to night sights will appear.

Specs, how to install, and info on the types of sights out there. Even cheap ones are available that are better than glow paint.

Choose what you will folks.

I've used "glow paint" and have another semi-auto with factory glow paint dots on the sights.

Glow paint is only practically visible in the dark IMMEDIATELY AFTER "charging" under light (sun, lamp, or ??), and then only visible in the dark for a SHORT PERIOD of time.

Most gun owners want night sights for possible home or personal defense in dark or very low light situations. That would mean one would have to "charge" the glow paint IMMEDIATELY before use - hardly useful in unpredictable defense scenarios. (Duh....wait a few minutes Mr. Badguy while I charge my glow paint before I shoot).

I'd agree that glow paint MIGHT be better than light/bright paint (model paint, finger nail polish) dots.....maybe not. BUT it is DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE for night or low-light defense situations.

Tritium night sights are expensive, but remain the only practical night sight method, other than laser sights (even more expensive !) or a flashlight appropriately used. Why do ya think most gun manufacturers and after-market sight manufacturers don't bother with glow paint?
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One thng that seems to get overlooked is if the paint glow prematurely goes away when needed most.
Then there is flashlight tactics.

Turn on the light and you just let the bad guy know where you are and made a good target to shoot at.

There are tactics for low light or no light conditions. Turning the flashlight on for a brief second or two and scanning the room rather quickly is needed. One can see what and where friendlies or hostiles are located in a room with practice. Turn the light back on briefly again and shoot as necessary if needed. But again, in a quick fashion,being sure of your target. Usually moving to a new location in the room or building is required to keep the attacker off balance and make one less chance of a target the attacker knows where you are.

Even changing height if in the same place when the light goes back on makes things tougher for someone to get a bead on you. Going lower with the light than higher is recommended if making a change in height whle flashing the light.

Takes practice,training, and dedication. Using a thrice or more checked empty weapon or a pretend gun can help.

Tactical lights mounted on the weapon mean if the light is on for more than a few seconds the perp will either shoot at the light or the light's owner is know beautifully lit up for return unfriendly fire. Can't assume the targeted bad guy or guys are going to be blinded by the light . Or blinded long enough for them not to shoot accurately back.

Despite what "conventional widom"says more criminals are practicing with the weapon of choice to become proficient.

If you cannot make out the target and be sure who it is, then one has no business pulling the trigger. Target I.D. has to be verified beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Just some things to consider.
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