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Years ago, I worked with the training officer of a police dept in So Calif.
My need then: Small, lightweight, idiot proof for camping and backpacking in remote locations.

This training officer came up with the Ruger SP101.

Although my need has changed some over the years, Im still interested in a .357 revolver 3" barrel model.

Question: What other makes can I look at/ compare beside Ruger? I believe in paying for quality, but I also believe in NOT paying for a name.
Any suggestions for alternatives?

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The most comparable to the SP101 would be the S&W 60 or the Taurus 605. I personally really like Taurus revolvers. They have made some very innovative revolvers over the years. I looked for about 6 months for a 3" 605 and saw two used guns during that time. They went for more than I was willing to pay. I got a great deal on brand new 2" and bought a 3" barrel from Numrich. I now have a brand new 3" 605 for less than the cost of the used ones I've seen. However that is only because the work was done by people I know at no cost.
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