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Hello all....my first post. I just want to say hello. I just purchased my first Taurus. Its a 651 titanium. I always kinda liked the looks and prices of the Taurus line of revolvers. I was always leary of purchasing one because of all the horror stories I read on the web.
However, I always wanted a titanium revolver and always said to myself if I ever find one at a good price I will take a chance..... well it happened, I was out checking gun shops in my area. I went to a shop that I have not visited in years, I almost forgot it was there. well anyhow...This dealer had this 651 revolver sitting in a dark corner of a show case collecting dust. I asked to see it. He stated that I was the only the second person that he could remember to ever ask to see the revolver in the last 2 years (???) or more. After handling it for a few minutes. He stated if I was interested he would give me a great price out the door if I paid cash. I asked how good? and was it brand new? he stated it was new (I believe it) and I could have it for what he paid for it. He checked some paper work...came back and said $350. OTD. I figured I would not find a better price in my area. I don't remember seeing any titaniums for sale in my local area for the last couple of years. I guess I could find a better price maybe on one of those online gun auctions but after shipping and transfer fees I am sure this dealers price could not be beat.

I shot it today, no problems, everything functioned perfectly and it is quite accurate. I only shot .38 +P's no .357 mags but +P's are what I expect to use most of the time anyway.

So thats it my first taurus...my first post.

Regards to all,
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