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I am new to guns

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Weclome to the forum. And........ You're up to your armpits in forum members and staff who are Ruger owners as well as Taurus. So one can get info on all aspects of both brands.

Do have the PT111 Mil/pro, the 24/7's cousin, but you may be looking for something bigger and the 24/7 fits that bill.

Now for some major homework, if it hasn't been done already.

Do recommend that the FAQ board be gone over thoroughly. Then on to the old or recent threads at most of the boards. This includes Smithing,CCW, and ammo boards as well. There's even ome Ruger threads floating around if you do a search under that title. One caveat. If you do a search and are at a particlar board, that is where the search will take place.

The hompage is where to be for general searches when that tab is used.
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