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Newbe. Is this the correct place to make a post? I am having difficulty finding where

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I am having difficulty finding where to ask questions regarding my PT- 145 Pro.
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This is the place! :thumb:

Ask away!
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Yup, this is the place....

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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....

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Welcome from Oklahoma!
Welcome from Cen Fl!
As Mr. Wagon said this is the place to ask about your PT 145. When you find the time you also might want to wander over to Member Introduction to tell us a bit about yourself. :)
Difficulty navigating back to where I made the original post /question How can I Identify where to go each time to make a post.
Do I always just jump in to any available "Quick Reply" to make a NEW topic post?
As far as new topics go that option is only available on the main page of whatever part of the forum you are looking in such as the lounge or the firing line. If you just want to reply to a thread then yes you can type your reply in the box at the bottom of the page and hit quick reply.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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