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New to Taurus and wheel guns

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I sorta posted this already in the wheel section, but will here too. (sorry) I have been shooting/hunting all my life and just bought my first wheel gun. A poly snub 38. Just looking for advice or input. I really love my S&W M&P .40, but it is too big for C.C. I have yet to clean or shoot the new poly, but it looks pretty neat so far. Thanks for a great forum.
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Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas where the West Begins..
Hello from Central North Carolina and welcome to TaurusArmed.net. You are going to find some
friendly and knowledgeable people here. Let us know how that new snubby shoots, I own two
Taurus snubbies and I love them, I also bought my father one this past Christmas.
Welcome again from little ole New Hampshire & Congrats on that new Revolver!
Hello and welcome to the forum from Southeast Tennessee;;
Welcome from Ohio!!
Welcome to the forum from the Number One Taurus Fan :happy:in the State of Mississippi!

I have yet to acquire one of the new poly revolvers, but I have had tremendous success with the Taurus line of traditional revolvers (five to be exact).

Here's hoping you will enjoy the time you spend here at TaurusArmed.net as much as I do. :D
I reside in Washington.... Eastern Wa. We are more like Idaho and less like Seattle. Grew up hunting, fishing, shooting, and just being outdoors. I just got into putting together AR15's. I really enjoy researching wildcats and just about everything gun related. I love my God, Country, and Family.
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...I love my God, Country, and Family.
And it won't take you very long to discover that there are multitudes of fine folks here who feel the same way you do, friend!

Glad to have another Patriot on board.:happy:
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Welcome from East Texas to the best gun forum on the internet.
Welcome from Lapeer,Michigan.
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....
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Welcome from SE Wisconsin.

You'll find a multitude of staff and members who own other brands of guns as well.

Wheelguns have their own appeal though. :)
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Welcome from Indiana!!
Welcome from central Hellaware...
Welcome from Ohio.

There's lots of great knowledge here and a variety of ideas and opinions to ponder.
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Welcome from Hudson,Fl.
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