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New to Taurus and site.

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Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I've been a died in the wool S&W fan, but my dealer up the street did a very good job showing me the Taurus line and I'm impressed. I've done some searching and have found lots of information here already. Great site and info. Hope to be able to return the favor back to the site and members.
My son got me back into shooting over the winter and I bought a M&P 40. Love the gun and it has been flawless so far (500 plus). Thinking about adding a 9mm to go with it and the dealer showed me the PT92 in brushed SS. What a beaut!!! I'll keep you posted as to the progress I make in my search.
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Welcome to the forums.Came to the right place.

Massad Ayoob,Chuck Karwan, Chuck Taylor, and Clint Smith have all expounded praise on the PT92. These pistols are used as loaner guns to finish courses with during the grueling shoot sessions their schools have. That's for the ones that have schools. ;D

These same writers and teachers have suggested many times that for an officer who has to buy their own pistol that a PT92 is among the best choices.

This come from Gun Digest Books Combat Handgunnery which is usually put out annually.Have most of them. Going back 20 years.

It's also been their experience the PT92s stay up and running while much more expensive and well known brand guns fail their courses.

Since this is some of the cream of the crop in instructors, an indorsement like that cannot be taken lightly.

These guys also like the improvements that Taurus made over the regular Beretta 92.

I'll let the other Welcome Wagon guys chime in know. :)
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Welcome from Missouri Great Site!!
Welcome from the sandbar. I love my PT 92. I wish I'd gotten the S.S. When I get around to a "forty", I'll just get a PT101SS. Jump in, this a great site. Everyone is very helpfull. Enjoy.
You will like the PT. My better half fell in love with the Beretta 92 and no amount of talking could talk her into wanting the PT instead. Needless to say she loves the Beretta but I secretly wanted that PT!
Welcome to the forum, glad you could join us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)
Thanks to all who stopped by to welcome me to the forum. Sounds like the kind of site I will frequent often.

Jim ;D
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