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New (to me) 94 Revolver

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I was able to pick up a 4 inch SS Model 94 a few days ago. I was able to get it at a deal ($225) because the original owner couldn't stand the heavy trigger pull. I had already done a lot of reading about the springs and decided to try to improve things.
I removed the hammer and trigger return springs and polished the struts/guide rods as they were a little rough. I lightly cleaned up any other mating parts inside and added a small drop of oil.
Then I did the unthinkable! I cut one round off the hammer spring and 1/2 of a round off the trigger return spring. I reassembled everything and it felt like a different revolver. After firing several rounds of different kinds of ammo, no problems with light strikes. I might have taken another 1/2 round off springs but I'll leave it as is.....for now.
Cutting springs may not be the way some people would change a trigger pull but it's easy to do and if you cut too much off, just replace the springs with originals.

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Congratulations on your new to you firearm.
Congratulations on your m94.
Congratulation on your new M-94, mines a keeper!

By necessity, .22 rimfires have heavy main springs to ensure reliable ignition.

They can however, with a little judicial tinkering become to a smoother, (and a bit lighter) trigger pull.
Congratulations on your new revolver!
congrats, have fun with it. sounds like great a deal to me, well done. :thumb:
Yep, my 5" is surely a keeper......

They are fine little shooters.
Glad to hear you got it.

Nice price.
Ohhhhh-shiny!!!!Very pretty!!! I have 2 m94's, one in each size. I agree -doctoring the springs makes shooting them so much more pleasant!! Welcome - there are many of us here who love their 94's!! Be sure to keep us in the loop and let us know how you are doing with it as you bond with it!
The price was certainly right! :thumb:

Congrats on a fine addition.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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