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Hi everyone,

I picked up a used 709SS off of gunbroker for a potential carry weapon. $250 shipped, no FFL fee ( I know a guy). So i'm pretty happy about that. 2010 model. Checked it out and it looks pretty good. Tiny holster wear mark, but the feed ramp looks well polished.

Dissasembled and gave it a little cleaning, it was pretty clean and well lubed.

Took it to the range a few days ago, and it shoots low left. After reading the VERY helpful posts here on the subject I was a little prepared, so I moved the windage all the way to the right, loaded one round only, did the best job of benchresting I could with no sandbag at the time and high target,(seated, firm grip, both elbows on the table, SLOW trigger pull till the break point, slow pressure to release the sear, and really concentrating on the front sight).

Still low left. It does group.

Elevation on the sights move up and down, but the bottom 3 clicks don't seem to move the sight. I took it apart and did the best cleaning I could with what I had at the time, it looks OK in there.

I Just ordered a Hogue Jr grip, and snapcaps, and am going to rig up a cheap laser pointer on the slide to try and see if it's trigger control, but other than that, any suggestions?

I'm far from a newb to handguns, but aside from the Ruger SR22 I have, this is the smallest pistol yet.

The good news is it fired through 50 walmart (fedral I think) hollowpoints without a hicckup.

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