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If you REALLY want to know where the barrel is aimed compared to the sights, $30 will get you the answer.

Sightmark Laser Pistol Boresighter: Amazon.com: Sports & Outdoors

I use these to sight in rail mount lasers. Just load it by the magazine and aim at something 25ft away to check the open sights. I like to dial the rail mounted lasers in at 25-50 yards.

With all the chatter about Low/Left, I popped one into my 740 and the dot was high right compared to the sights. I can still jerk it down to make the POI low/left. BUT when I smoothly and slowly position the trigger rearward, it puts holes in the center of the target. A buddy that shot it CONSISTENTLY jerked it down 3 shots in a row. Flinches are wondrous things....
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