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New (to me) 2nd Gen PT145 BL, w/rail

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Hey all,

I picked up my new-used PT145 MilPro DAO and took it to the range this week.
I also took my new-never fired Keltec P3AT for its first break-in after a F&B...

Both guns were very cool. That PT145 is a beast. The Keltec was fun too. No FTF's or FTE's until past 100 rounds, after the barrels were nicely gunk'ed up...

I had the same problems that I've read others having about shooting low. But since I had a new Keltec there also, I could see that I had the problem with both guns! I was consistently 8" low, dead center. I was making ragged holes alright, just 8" too low!

Well, since I purposely picked out two DAO pistols (being a lefty), I now have the job of learning to shoot DAOs.

I found the link describing the correct grip method, so I'll be bringing that to the range next time. All in all, I was very pleased with both guns. My PT145 came with aftermarket trijicons too, which are pretty neat, but were loose when I took possession.

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