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I live in Ky and looking for ways to upgrade my th9c
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Welcome from North Texas! I’m not familiar with the TH9C but we’ve got a few here that’ll help you spend your money on improvements. 😉
:) Hi and welcome aboard from nw PA!
Welcome from North Texas also
Welcome from West Texas!
Welcome from PA (Pure Appalachia, that is.) The South Central part of the Keystone State, where Taurus is recognized as a very important part of life.
Welcome from Louisville KY! What part are you from?
Upgrade a TH9C? Easy. Trade it for a revolver!
Greetings from Canton, Ga!
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Welcome from Arizona. Not much in the way of aftermarket parts for the TH series pistols except sights from what I've seen. That said, I can't think of any other upgrades that would improve my two TH's. Triggers get better with use so I'd suggest upgrading your storage cabinets with more ammo.
Welcome to the forum from Southwest Florida!
Galloway Precision makes a 1+ mag extension for the 13 round mag. Lakeline LLC makes an upgraded recoil spring assembly.
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma!
Upgrade a TH9C? Easy. Trade it for a revolver!
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Welcome aboard from NW Arkansas.
Welcome from South Texas!
Welcome to taurusarmed.net from an Old Soldier in Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest - "Taurus® Spoken Here!" Hooaaahhhh!!!!!
I do not know what the total sales for TH9/TH9c were, but surprised KeepTinkering has not made a replacement trigger for them.
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