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New Taurus owner in Alaska

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Hello all,

Just bought my first Taurus, after catching the gun bug. Picked up our first handguns, a couple of Springfield XDM's, last month for CCW purposes and now I'm hooked. Followed that up with 22 semi-auto for cheap plinking and practice.

Decided that I really wanted a revolver. Was thinking about a 22 tracker or 357, but couldn't get past the versatility of the raging judge magnum. Haven't had a chance to fire it yet, but real excited to do so.

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Welcome from Oklahoma!
Welcome from PA! How's the winter treating you?
Hello Eskimo and welcome to the forum from Southeast Tennessee;; Are you able to get ammo up there?
from the Florida Keys! :wave:
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Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
Welcome from Griffin Ga.
Welcome from Plano TX to the best gun forum on the Internet!
Welcome from Northwest Indiana.....
Howdy howdy from SE Georgia. You'll love the RJM. I've got the same one you bought.
Welcome from New Mexico, glad to have you.
Hello from StL. MO!!
Hello from Central North Carolina and welcome to TaurusArmed.net. You are going to find some
friendly and knowledgeable people here.
Welcome from East Texas to the best gun forum on the internet.
Welcome from Hudson,Fl.
Welcome from South Tulsa.
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....
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Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. :icon_ lala:

State of over "1 MILLION 120 THOUSAND" Concealed Carry Licenses and counting!
Welcome from Indiana!!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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