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Hello Forum members.

I just picked up my Taurus PT92 AF purchase today.

Purchased used. It came with original cardboard box and original purchase receipt. This pistol is a 1998 production according to Taurus serial number search (305-624.1115)

This pistol is a 9MM 5" blue. First purchased 1-26-99. I purchased it 2-2-08. I am the second owner.
The gun is in good condition and does not show that it had been shot much. It has a bit of blue wear on one side toward the front. All else is pretty good. No nicks, scratches, dents etc. Since the original came with two 15 round clips, the pistol was sold without a clip. I bought a MecGar 10 round clip. (Calif law)

I took it to a local indoor range this afternoon. Fired 100 rounds.
Great fun !
This pistol is lighter than my Colt Government model Mk 3 series 7 9mm. The Taurus is quite well balanced and sets in my hand quite well.
The Taurus rubber grips are very adequate. They are not wrap around but probably better on this model.
The trigger pull is not bad at all. Off hand I can not compare it to my Colt, but it had a nice feel. Definitely not stiff.

I am really enjoying this gun. I did not experience much uncontrollable kick. Once I figured the sights, I began to shoot bullseyes.
Basically I shot at 7 yards and 14 yards using a standard 25 yard target. The sighting seems the same as my Colt 9mm.
I had to sight on the line above the center black in order to hit the bullseye. i.e. I have to aim about 5 inches above a pin point target in order to land the bullet there. (see the pic of the target)

The sights are fixed with the white dots for easy orientation. Sure beats the iron sights on my Colt.

This model does not have the de-cocking feature.
One less thing to deal with for me. I am satisfied without it since my other 9mm does not have it.

In summary I am extremely happy with this Taurus PT 92AF.
I gravitated to it because the other options were more expensive used Beretta 92FS 9mm or a used Browning Hi Power MK3 9mm.

I did my due diligence shopping the Bay Area gun shops. I thought about the ruger P89 but was not conformed with the feel in my hand. The dual safeties rubbed my inner hand. I was also shopping the Beretta PX4 Storm.
Basically I declined the 'nicer finish guns (browning and Beretta) because I already own high end guns. I was shopping for a second 9mm to share usage with my Colt 9mm.
The Taurus looks good, operates great. Shoots well. And the price-point is right.

Well, attached are some pictures ! The serial number was blotted out for the public picture.

Thanks for this forum.
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