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New Taurus Model 85

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Well, not quite new - bought a used Model 85 last week for $ 249 (great shape - and felt like a good pocket gun).

First bit of target practice at the range and I have a couple of questions:

1) Proper Sight Alignment - I take it to make hits POA, you have to have the front sight basically level when with viwed through the rear sight notch ie someling like - - - not _ - _ The front sight should be part of a straight line not protruding above the rear sights. All should be aligned.

2) Appears the revolver is regulated with 158gr .38 spl ammo? That bullet weight seemed to be the most accurate, including the FBI load (which was pretty stout in a M85).

This is my first true snubby. I have a 3 1/8 " bbl SP 101 in .357 which is a great gun, but a tad too heavy for "out the door" pocket carry. But it looks like its going to take some serious practice with this revolver to get to a reasonable level of proficiency :>
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Happy to hear the 85 is working out for you. These are very nice snub nosed revolvers.

With my 85CH most of the 158 gr. loads will have the same POI or POA(take your choice :) ) at 10 to 15 yards.Even at 25yds, there isn't that much more variation.

Here's some light reading on the snubbie ammo.


If you folks know all this disregard. Then again,for those who don't, have fun. :)
The-Shootist. You are right about the Ruger SP101. They are a bit heavy for carry, but it can be done. Still like the 85CH a bit more because of that.

Snubbies traditionally seem to dip or move while the trigger is being pulled. There are techniques for dealing with it.

Yes, your sights should be aligned as normal as you suggest or ask. No protruding front sight above the back sight. If shooting long range, then raise the front sight above.

Experimentation to see where bullets land at various ranges is recommended. While snubbies are supposed to be short range affair weapons, accurate shooting can be done with care past 25 yards.

This will not likely be needed, but there may be circumstances where accurate long range fire may be needed. And.... it's fun to try and hit targets at or past 25 yards.

Sights on most .38 Special revolvers are regulated for the 158 gr. rounds. Lighter bullets 110gr- 135gr.will hit lower than the heavier ones. Then you may have to raise the front sight just a hair or very little to get them to hit on the center.

Follow through while pulling the trigger is paramount.A steady pressure should be kept all the way through without rushing the pull or jerking it. Dryfiring with snap caps will show you if the muzzle is dipping or moving with too much motion.There will be some wavering.while the sighting, but very little with the trigger pull. Using the first distal joint by the pad of the finger should help put enough pressure to insure a steady shot. This rather than using just the pad of the shooting finger.DA triggers need more "help"for a shot than SA does.

You may know most of this, but felt it may be necessary to cover this.

A crush grip on the handgun grip without it hurting will help steady the revolver.

Once you start the shot follow through without stacking the pull.
Good luck and keep us posted on progress.
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