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Well, income tax season can be a real curse. It's been awhile since I bought my last gun. I've always wanted a straight .38 and considered S&W, Taurus and Ruger. When I (no arm twisting needed) went to my local gun shop. I noticed that they had all of the above on display. S&W was out, price was high. Ruger SP101 (one of my favorites) was a bit heavy, but I still love the gun. Then I came across the M89. I asked to see it. At first she felt stiff. After a few minutes of handling it, she began to smooth out. I was torn between the Ruger and the Taurus. After pocketing both revolvers, the clear choice winner was the M85. It felt lighter and it carried well. I still feel that the SP101 is a great gun, but it was not the best choice for me today.

It was also important to me that my wife could use it. My other guns are a PT 145, Ruger GP100 and P89. My wife has real trouble racking the slide and the 357 is too much gun for her. The M85 also makes for a good backup piece (you know, in case I gotta jam (The Breakfast Club reference).

No, who can tell me what would be a good conceal holster for my new little critter. Pocket or IWB?

PS- I'm really fighting the urge to re-purchase a blued PT111 that I regretted letting go last year. It may be a loosing battle.
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