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new taurus in western montana

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I picked up a NIB PT 24/7 Pro in 9mm yesterday. I don't think I've ever felt a gun feel better in my hand, the grip and the balance are nothing short of perfection (for me anyways).

I had been wanting to buy a polymer frame 9mm for some time, was also considering an XD40 or a SW Sigma. But the XD was $130 more, and it's not really a Springarms, it's outsourced and just labeled as a Spring. And I thought the Sigma felt... quite flimsy, almost like a toy (apologies Sigma guys), which I couldn't believe compared to the bank vault my SW .38 snubby was. Plus, neither one of the other guns was NRA 2005 pistol of the year, and neither one of them fit my hand as well as the Taurus (the XD was pretty good though). And 17+1? How you gonna beat that?!

In about 10 minutes I'm headed out to the range to run a couple hundred rounds of WWB through it. I've watched that video on Taurus's website a couple times and I am all fired up to get started!!

Range report will follow.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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