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New Taurus G2S

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just saw the new G2S. 7 round version of of the G2C. Not sure i would swap it for my 709.
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just saw the new G2S. 7 round version of of the G2C. Not sure i would swap it for my 709.
Is there a big difference? I don't remember if they change the look.
looks the same. a little odd to me. almost like the slide is too big for the frame. like an overly skinny bikini model. maybe its just me and my old eyes. or maybe im just used to the g2C.

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IMHO the competition is the the shield which is reliable, clearly feels better made (thatn my pt111 g2) and has as many holster options as any glock pistol out there. They sometimes goes on sale for under 300usd and mags are plentiful (!!) and go on sale for 15usd (!!).

The g2c has a good solid place in the market and needs to firmly position itself against the unreliable SIG p365.

This pistol may end up struggling a bit considering all the competition, not just the shield.
I don't know why they even made the G2S. Just a morphed-over G2 with less capacity. The 709 has a distinct look. In fact, I feel the 709 looks like the S&W 3913 Ladysmith because both share that up slope from the trigger guard forward.
The G2c is more closer in size to the Sig P250/320 than the 365. They even share some holster sizes. I agree that the G2 appears to be more reliable than the 365, but I have the Taurus for other reasons. The absolute best price I ever got on a P250 was 330 bucks, and I had to add a 40 dollar SC frame module to make it the size of the G2c, which cost 231 bucks out the door. I love the Sigs, but I can leave the Taurus in my truck console with less worry.
I still prefer the G 2 because of the capacity.
I had a Sig P250 C. Loved the gun but it was just too big and heavy for CC and it had no rail. I now have a CZ P10 C which is pretty much the same for CC as the Sig. I think the G2C will fit the CC bill.
Got one recently,works flawless ! I was just a bit disappointed that the slide height was just as high as my G2C,I was hoping for more of a Glock 43 in height !
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